New Math Program For Ridgefield Elementary Students

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Ridgefield elementary schools will be adopting a new math program to fit within the budget and comply with new Common Core State Standards. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, stock photo

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. – Ridgefield students in grades 3 through 5 will be using new math books next year - but exactly which ones is still undecided.

The need for a new math program is twofold, Patricia Cooney, the K-5 Math Professional Developer, told the Board of Education on Wednesday night. The current math program is no longer being printed, and the curriculum needs to change to align with the Common Core State Standards, Cooney said.

The new books would cost the district upwards of $135,000, said Cooney, who added that this figure was on the high end of the spectrum.

“I got bids from four different companies,” Cooney told the board. The price tag won't just include new books, but also teacher resources and online resources for students, parents and teachers, she said. “We wouldn’t just be buying a book, but a program," Cooney said.

An additional $35,000 would be needed to pay for 12 to 15 professional development days needed by teachers to learn the new program, Cooney said. And $38,000 more would be used to train some employees to become “teacher leaders” - those considered experts in the program who could then instruct other teachers, she said.

A decision on which new math program will be used probably won’t be made until after the budget cycle is over, Cooney told the board. Cooney said that one reason she presented a price estimate on the high end of the spectrum was to ensure that the board isn't surprised later by the costs.

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