Ridgefield Rep. John Frey Details Painful Memories Of Sandy Hook

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RIDGEFIELD, Conn. - As the Connecticut House of Representatives approved one of the strictest gun control bills on record, in a vote of 105-44, Rep. John Frey, R-Ridgefield, told of his personal ties to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. 


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"My story starts the week before Dec. 14," Frey said during debate before the vote. That day he got a text from his sister inviting him to his twin fourth-grade nieces holiday concert Dec. 13. The twins and their first-grade brother attend Sandy Hook. 

Frey detailed his painful, personal memories of that evening and of Dec. 14, his sister's heroic actions in coming to the aid of five students and his niece's strong friendship with the sister of one of the shooting victims. (See the video above, supplied by his office.)

"I really tried to do my homework on the subject," Frey said before voting to approve the bill. "This isn't a perfect bill. I wish it wasn't going through e-cert and I wish it had gone to public hearing. I think some of the comments made tonight could have perhaps made this bill better."

The bill that passed "bans the sale or purchase of large capacity magazines (LCMs) that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, mandates the establishment of a deadly weapon offender registry, bans armor-piercing bullets, adds two members to the Board of Firearms Permit Examiners, expands the circumstances in which mental health history disqualifies a person for gun permits or other gun credentials, requires anyone buying ammunition to have an ammunition certificate or other gun credential, and appropriates $ 1 million to DESPP for FY 14 to fund the statewide firearms trafficking task force."

Here is a link to the General's Assembly's summary of the bill. Here is a link to the full bill.

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There's a mis-quote, in this article. John did not say, "I wish it [the bill] wasn't going through Easter... "

He said, "I wish it wasn't going through e-cert," which stands for Emergency Certification. E-cert is the Connecticut General Assembly's way of fast-tracking legislation.