Rep. Jim Himes Meets With Fairfield County Constituents

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Fairfield County constituents were able to ask U.S. Rep. Jim Himes questions on Saturday in Greenwich.
Fairfield County constituents were able to ask U.S. Rep. Jim Himes questions on Saturday in Greenwich. Photo Credit: Eric Gendron
U.S. Rep. Jim Himes spoke in Greenwich on Saturday.
U.S. Rep. Jim Himes spoke in Greenwich on Saturday. Photo Credit: Eric Gendron

GREENWICH, Conn. -- U.S. Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) ended a week of appearances in Fairfield County with a lively town hall meeting at Central Middle School in Greenwich on Saturday afternoon.

Himes addressed more than a dozen questions asked by constituents from Greenwich, New Canaan and Stamford.

Himes, serving his fourth term in Congress, focused largely on health care concerns and Social Security. He also touched on gun control, including Connecticut's historic legislation passed on Wednesday, immigration reform, economic issues and taxes.

"This is important for me to do because I was elected to represent you," Himes told the crowd. "And the way for me to effectively do that is to come and hear from you folks."

He added that he feels Congress deserves the 9 percent approval rating it received from the public last year, but he thinks there will be more bipartisanship in 2013.

"There was a lot of polarized arguing in Washington last year and politics came to the forefront, especially since it was an election year," Himes said. "The good news is, some of that ice has broken."

Himes pointed to the passage of the Sandy Relief Bill and the Violence Against Women Act as evidence of the start of bipartisanship.

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Comments (10)

Stay classy, Jim.

Okay, Jim, here's a link to CBS news about the cancer patients. I originally read it in the Washington Post (not the Washington Times), which is consider a liberal paper. I think the Washington Post was the paper that broke the story, if that is still how they refer to these news stories being released in this digital age.

This was brought up at yesterday's meeting.

Hey Himes, how's the economy working out for you and your fans? Only 88K new jobs were created last month – far below the consensus estimate of 200K – and the smallest gain in 10 months. We're going in the wrong direction, Himes. And Obamacare you voted for? It looks like a big mess from the jump. But it's OK right? Because everybody will be getting affordable healthcare. Everybody. How about an affordable home for EVERYBODY, huh? How about a good job for EVERYBODY, say, minimum wage $20 per hour?

You liberals are so stupid.

Of course the economy is going well for him and other elected politicians. They receive healthcare and pensions for LIFE.

Himes is a robot. Whatever Nancy wants, Nancy gets.

When asked about DHS's recent purchases of 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammo, 7000 M-16 full automatic rifles, and 3000 MRAP vehicles he did NOT have an answer.

A very small percentage of people were for new gun laws, yet they passed. How were legal responsible owners represented?

Vulture -

Because we're a blue state, with a Democratic governor, and everyone wanted to "do something to prevent anything like Newtown from happening again".

If you check out the story from NBC, you notice the bright red banner at the top of the page which ties it directly to Newtown.

The bill passed 26-10 in the Senate and 105-44 in the House. Both were bipartisan votes.

It was clearly a feel good moment. Has anyone realized that the new gun control laws would not have prevented Newtown? It would be also interesting to know if our good legislative representatives realized that Colt will in all likelihood be leaving the State for better pastures?

Wonder how many jobs that tossed into the can?

He certainly doesn't represent me the way he votes with Obama every time.