Poll: Who Won The Presidential Debate, Ridgefield?

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Did Wednesday night's debate help you decide who to vote for on Election Day?
Did Wednesday night's debate help you decide who to vote for on Election Day? Photo Credit: Matt Zalaznick/Photo of MSNBC Broadcast

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — Mitt Romney and Barack Obama talked a lot about jobs, taxes and the economy during the first debate Wednesday night in Denver. 


Who do you think won the presidential debate?

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Who do you think won the presidential debate?

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Did the debate change your mind, help you decide who to vote for or just reinforce how already felt? Who do you think won the debate? Answer our poll or comment below. 

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Comments (58)

You can tell a lot about point of views by courses of action...after the debate Obama used the Liar Liar pants on fire defense..well that didnt work..now lets try the big bird defense oops that isnt working...how about tell us how great you are what you have done to lead this country..and yet they remain silent..wonder why???

I think Obama is a better choice than Romney. .He wants working Americans to do with less [including cutting Big Bird – Obama’s campaign] so he can give himself another huge tax cut. IMHO. Romney’s plan has no specifics at all. His budget is so sketchy it can’t even be called a real budget. A fairytale is not a plan. No offence.
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I think this election will be interesting.

First....I think it's unfair to expect Obama to come into office, wave a magic wand and poof - the country is all better!!!! Let's be fair here...Obama walked into a mess. Bush did a hella job bringing our country to its knees.

I think it's worth voting Obama again. I don't think 4 years in office will solve the mess. Now if Obama doesn't do much after 8 years, then we can complain.

Romney is for the wealthy, not the middle class. Money is the root to all evil. At the end of the day, none of us are leaving this earth with a dime. People need to humble themselves because you can have money today and lose it all tomorrow. Health and happiness is what life is all about.

I vote Obama!!!!!!!

Al Gore Blames Denver for Obama debate loss

CRAZY crazy liberals! Desperate for ANY blame. Its hilarious actually how desperate they have become!

CRAZY crazy liberals! Desperate for ANY blame. Its hilarious actually how desperate they have become!

I read an article about that twice and then checked to see if the original source was The Onion. It wasn't.

yesterday Mitt Romney said he was "wrong" about the 47%, What he meant was, he stated originally he could not 'reach" the 47% who were lazy, welchers, on the dole, free loaders,

Well, on Wednesday night, it's Romney's "perception" that he did reach them

That's what he meant when he said yesterday "he was wrong".

don't believe this guy, he's a chameleon in front of the lens on a kalidescope.

Obama surrounded himself for many years with spineless yes men who towed his line. He was thus insulated from real world debate and opposing views. He became weak as a result and we saw this last night. Let that be a lesson for all politicians and the WRTC too.

I liked it when Romney said that his criteria for whether or not any particular program would be cut will be based on whether or not it's worth it to borrow money from China to pay for that program.

Obama made valid points on the mess he inherited but I agree with many others who have stated that he seemed to lack confidence and poise. Kind of surprising considering all the preparation reported in the media.

It would be interesting to read an objective fact checking of all the comments each candidate made regarding their own and eachothers economic plans.

Obama didn't make Romney look like a fool. Romney made Romney look like a fool. When he started to get angry about Obama pointing out Romney's proposed tax cuts would cost a lot and add to the debt and Romney said they wouldn't because he said they wouldn't. Watch that answer show up in Obama campaign ads.

Thank You old Timer. I think your statement of "Romney made Romney look like a fool" says it all

I have been a registered democrat my whole voting life, however this election I will not be voting for Obama, Murphy, or Himes. Obama has been so ineffective in fixing the economy for the past four years, Murphy, well enough said, and as far as Himes goes, I met his opponent this week and he made a whole lot of sense. Steve Obsitnik believes in term limits, and working for his constituents, and will not take the golden retirement and health care package. Enough said!

You could hear the nervousness in both their voices in the first couple of minutes of the debate, but then they both sort of recovered --- Romney slightly better (firmer, steadier voice) than Obama.

Besides what fun is it to knock the guy out in the first round...Let Romney put his foot in his mouth. Which he wil in one of the next too. He talked too much and made statements that are totally opposite of what he's campainging on and which he can't take back over the next two debates or else he'll prove himself a liar...So he has two choices 1) Stick with what he said at the first debate and lose his right wing support (and therefore lose the election) or 2) change what he said in the first debate and look like a liar (and therefore lose the election).

A monkey in the White House would have done much better job than this president. Yep, doing nothing would have been better for this country, for one thing we would not have $6T additional debt.

A monkey in the White House? what a ridiculous statement!

"A monkey in the White House would have done much better job than this president"

Yet another one that believes everyone that disagrees with him is all the same person..these Republican need to take advantage of Obama care for mental health care.

Also to Norwalk voice staff
Why are comment like jrey not being deleted
"freeloaders/bums like you for votes in return. Get a job, you loser"

If a Republican was still in, we wouldn't have a country to speak of.

You are so so right..They seem to forget with Bush we were days away from a depression..

Niikk, to quote you, "That is your opinion and its wrong." You must not have been listening, Romney did explain his plans. Liberals are deaf to those ideas, there is no other way to explain your comment.

Oh I was listing to Romney and he said ZERO..When challenges to explain his hair brain ideas he could not....Obama made him look like the fake flip flopper that he is..Romney will say anything to get elected but as we all know that not going to happen..
So in fact it seem you are the one that has the opinion that is wrong.

Electoral Outlook

Barack Obama


Electoral Votes

Mitt Romney


Electoral Votes

270 to win


obama is the worst president the USA has EVER had

I guess you must had been in a comma for the 8 year before Obama ..Maybe you forgot about the days before Obama took office when banks were failing daily and when the country was days away from a depression .
Let me help remind you who was in office as in the village idiot Republican war criminal Bush.

all you people blaming bush get over it ...he is not running for Pres..he didnt create the giant mess it took over 30 years to create plus a terroist attack...if you vote for Obama our country is over..24 trillion in debt by the next term and it will be too late...you may not like Romney but if you think Obama cares about the poor or middle class you are a fool...he has created a hidden tax on wasting the power of the US dollar and it effects the poor and middle class more than anyone...what is his plan? do the same stuff that didnt work last time Einstein's definition of insanity..god help us all if he is relected....

AMEN! Worse than Carter

Uh, Bush was definitely the worst...Bush sent $12 billion dollars in cash over to Iraq during the war. No suprise it was "lost". Talk about wastful spending there.


Obama gave 90 BILLION to failing "green energy" companies. MUCH WORSE THAN BUSH. PS: Bush is not in office, get over it!

You don't know what you are talking about Solyndra was endorsed by the Bush administration and this endorsed carried over in the Obama administration, do you know why? obviously not,

Schott Solar came in 2008 and built a fairly large solar facility in Arizona, this caused a collapse in the US start ups, naming one Solarworld out of oregon,

Do you know that the solar grid in the Mojave has prevented the grid collaspe seen when Governor Grey was drummed out of office?

And of course, you do know those who cooked the books in this incident were under federal indictment?

No, maybe not, but I'll say this, it's better to understand the issues, than to just parrot the talking points.

We don't need "international companies" like Schott ursurping our natural resources of solar and wind.


That doesn't make Obama a good president. Bush is way in the past now. Get over it. There's nothing anybody can do about what's already been done. All we can do is try to change our future. Obama's ideology and policies haven't worked and won't lead this country anywhere good; he aspires to destroy all that makes America unique. Copying socialist policies of nanny states in Europe who are in more trouble than the U.S. is not going to lead us anywhere good.

Mitt Clearly won, (unless you are a TROLL). All liberal sites even say he did. Now of course, the liberal media is blaming the moderator! LOL. Obama looked angry, and was saying "uh" a lot.
We do NOT need 4 more years of his lies!

"We do NOT need 4 years of his lies"..
I agree so lets not vote for Romney as all he does is lie.

Electoral Outlook

Barack Obama


Electoral Votes

Mitt Romney


Electoral Votes

270 to win


Those votes have not been cast yet.

Paige, Tim T and his alter egos have ZERO credibility. Every site he pollutes finds this to be true, hence his many alter egos. If he is posting numbers, they are 100 percent INACCURATE.

Personal attacks never work, debate the issues, come on you can do it,

You seem to have a lot to say, but not much to back it up

Can you deny that the Republicans in Congress stifled every single jobs bill in the hopes that a bad economy would cause this president to be a one term president?

So why did McConnell say that to AIPAC, that the number one political goal was to make this president a one term president?

Why did Boehner when he picked up the gavel in the house say that the first priority was to create jobs? and the first bill they created was the Defense of Marriage bill?

How does that tie to the economy?

How can you say that those in Congress, who did nothing to help the economy in the past four years were productive?

I would argue given their entitlements, minimum pay of 147K per year, the same amount that this mayor pays a principal in the Norwalk School system, plus their own gym, hair salon, subway, and of course, subsidized housing in the DC area, makes them the "47%".

How come you aren't howling mad about that? they did nothing and they get rewarded,

is this why they want Romney for president, so they can protect their "entitlements"/


Yet another one that believes everyone that disagrees with him is all the same person..these Republican need to take advantage of Obama care for mental health care.

Those Electorial figures are based on the known number of Democrats and Republicans in any given state. HOWEVER, it does not - I repeat - does not factor in the ever growing number of independent voters.

Therefore, your assumptions are flawed.

Obama didn't even try hard and he still won...wait til the next two...Romney's big plan is to push the burden to the states and send us back to war...You don't want to cut education but you want to cut PBS?...oil supply wont last forever, we're going to need that green energy. We're either going to destroy the ozone layer or run out of oil supply. FORWARD: we need to utilize green energy

Correct Jane Correct

Niikk, were we both watching the same debate or what? You need to stop drinking that kool-aid and get real. It will give you dain brammage. The actual debate went the other way around. Romney made Mr obama look like a fool and all Mr obama could explain was zero.

I would suggest you take you own advise

Obama clearly was not happy. He did so bad, I almost felt bad for him!
But he stinks as President, and he has nothing more to say. BYE BYE

I think you are wrong, African saying "Empty gourd makes the loudest noise"

Let me ask you this, if Barack Obama challenged Romney on his 47% comment, and don't deny the impact of that comment, it's huge

Then, and pay attention, 58 million people would have heard Romney say "I was wrong about that", 58 million.

What you saw was Obama not challenging Romney

What you missed is Obama body blocked Romney, Romney couldn't bring that comment up on his own, it would have been a sign of weakness.

So, now let's analyze what happened post the debate

Romney announced he was wrong on Sean Hannity's show, which means he announced to those who want to "believe" that 47% of this country is lazy and on the dole, that he was "wrong" about this.

That's a little damaging, the truth is in order to shore up your base, you must feed them, you must give them validation of their own excuse the term, batshitcrazy beliefs.

He took that away, why? because, he didn't "get the chance to do it in front of 58 million people"

And he raced to the middle, that in itself is damaging.

So now, we see the unemployment rate reduced 7.8%, where would that rate be if Congress passed the Jobs bill? look at the numbers, the industry lagging is the construction industry, if the Jobs bill had passed the number we saw on Friday would have been even lower.

The Dow closed at 13,610 on Friday, not bad eh? should have been lower of course, Wall Street reacts favorably to higher unemployment numbers, it means higher PL for public traded corporations.

So a little bit of a consternation isn't it? Romney talked during the debate, he was well prepared, and denied the opportunities he sought.

And Friday, words were spoken, the results came out.

Now, there is a month left until the election of course,

And the next debate is foreign policy, a townhall forum, at Hofstra,

I think, it's quite possible that Mitt Romney will not be able to prepare himself for this debate.

Afterall, the gaffes in Europe were damaging, insulting our "mouth piece" to the EU, Great Britian, is never a smart move,

Even Bush knew that


Romney clearly was not happy. He did so bad, I almost felt bad for him!


Romney won big time in my book. Obama said if, you liked the past 4 years vote for me. Well, I didn't like the last 4 years. Go Figure. 36.1% plus unemployment, 88 million people out of the Job Market. That is approximately 28% of the US Population of 311 million. And not all of the 311 million are of working age. That’s just the ones of working age that are no longer looking for a job – they have given up. Now add the 8.1% for the ones still looking for a job – that equals 36.1%. The unemployment rate is even higher if, you remove the ones that are not of working age out of the 311 million people in the USA. http://electiondebates.com/political-debate/88-million-unemployed.htm

Maybe you forgot that the last 4 years were as a result of the previous 8 years of the village idiot war criminal Republican Bush..I am sure that even a Republican can figure out that it takes longer to fix a problem than to create it..So if you are unhappy, your buddy Bush is to blame.

Just a few of the many many Obama Accomplishments
Passed Wall Street Reform
Ended the War in Iraq
Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan
Eliminated Osama bin laden
Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry
Recapitalized Banks
Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Toppled Moammar Gaddafi
Passed Health Care Reform
Reversed Bush Torture Policies
Created Race to the Top
Increased Support for Veterans
Tightened Sanctions on Iran

You've got the talking points down all right. There are bad consequences to all of these "accomplishments", but keep on choosing to ignore those facts. Do us a favor, give credit where credit is due - he is not responsible for taking out OBL. Oh, and keep blaming Bush - what a joke that has become.

Maybe you forgot that the last 4 years were as a result of the previous 8 years of the village idiot war criminal Republican Bush..I am sure that even a Republican can figure out that it takes longer to fix a problem than to create it..

Actually, Reagan fixed Carters mess in 2 years. So Tim T, you are WRONG AGAIN