Family Questions Details Of Police Shooting Of Ex-Ridgefield Man In Florida

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RIDGEFIELD, Conn. -- The family of a former Ridgefield resident is questioning the account of the events that led to his being shot recently, according to the

Officials said Tony Ribeiro, 48, was shot after he threatened an off-duty county sheriff with a wine bottle after he was caught having sex with his girlfriend in an apartment complex pool, the reported. 

The deputy sheriff identified himself and asked Ribeiro and his girlfriend to leave, which they did, only to return, according to the account. It was then that police say Ribeiro attempted to attack Alfonso with the wine bottle, said. 

Alfonso shot Ribeiro with five rounds--three in the chest and abdomen and one in each arm, the NewsTimes said. Ribeiro remains in critical condition, according to

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obviously the family is only getting the girlfriends version. in my opinion she has much more to hide than the deputy and the embarassment involved. she may be or may not be credible until her story comes out. why were they in a pool (that was closed) in a complex they didnt live in? are we to believe the deputy just shot this man for no reason? i know people do not like to get involved these days but if anyone saw this incident that lives in the complex they should come forward.